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UN Expresses Alarm Over Escalating Violence in West Bank Following Israeli Raid

World NewsUN Expresses Alarm Over Escalating Violence in West Bank Following Israeli Raid

Following the most recent Israeli raid that left six people dead, the UN envoy for Middle East peace, Tor Wennesland, made a statement on Wednesday pleading with Israel and the Palestinians to put an end to the growing violence in the occupied West Bank. Wennesland emphasised the need to break the cycle of violence in progress and urged all parties to exercise restraint, refrain from provocative behaviour, incitement, and inflammatory speech in accordance with a recent Security Council resolution. Six Palestinians were slain during the Israeli raid in Jenin, a contentious city in the northern West Bank, including a Hamas member who was suspected of killing two Israeli settlers in February.

On Wednesday, Tor Wennesland, the UN’s Middle East peace envoy, voiced concern about the rising level of violence in the occupied West Bank and urged both Israel and Palestine to stop the cycle of bloodshed. This declaration was issued the day following an Israeli military raid that killed six Palestinians in the flashpoint city of Jenin. The use of rockets during the operation was described as an act of “all-out war” by the spokesman for the Palestinian president. A number of devastating military operations have recently taken place in the West Bank. Wennesland denounced the violence on both sides and emphasised that Israel, as the occupying force, has a duty to safeguard people and punish offenders.

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