Islamabad airport’s roof sailing starts dripping During rain & FIA immigration Counter damaged

Heavy rains in the twin cities flooded the Islamabad International Airport and damaged valuable property due to water entering from the roofs of the airport. According to airport sources, rainwater entered from the roof, completely disabling valuable sailing, disrupting computers, printers, and other electronic devices installed at other counters, including FIA immigration.

The staff and passengers at the airport were severely disturbed. Sources said that due to poor drainage system at the airport, rainwater enters from the roof every year during the monsoon, which damages the property but no solution has been found. It rained heavily in Rawalpindi and Islamabad between Sunday and Monday night. Heavy rains accumulated up to three feet of water in urban areas, causing distress to the residents of the area. The WASA spokesman said that despite the fact that the rain-affected area does not fall within the WASA’s boundaries, WASA teams have reached the spot and are draining the water.

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