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China Threatens ‘Conflict’ if US Continues Suppression, Warns Beijing

World NewsChina Threatens 'Conflict' if US Continues Suppression, Warns Beijing

According to China’s foreign minister, Qin Gang, the United States needs to alter its “distorted” perspective of China in order to avoid conflict and confrontation. During a press conference held during the annual session of the Chinese parliament, Qin defended China’s position on the conflict in the Ukraine and its close ties to Russia. Instead of participating in fair, rule-based competition, he charged that the US was suppressing and containing China. Long-standing tensions between the two nations have gotten worse as a result of recent occurrences, such as the US shooting down a Chinese surveillance plane.

Qin contends that China should not respond to an attack with words or deeds despite the US’s claims that it is not seeking confrontation and is setting up guardrails for ties. He said it wasn’t a fair battle if one side tried to hinder the other, likening the Sino-US rivalry to a race between two Olympic athletes. In addition, Qin defended China’s diplomats’ forceful and even abrasive “wolf warrior diplomacy” since 2020. He underlined China’s support for negotiations to put an end to the conflict in Ukraine and accused a “invisible hand” of driving the conflict’s intensification in order to further particular geopolitical goals.Qin also stated that China had to advance its relations with Russia, and countries should use whatever currency is efficient, safe, and credible for bilateral trade.

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